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3 Year Warranty No Deductible - Desktops & All-In-Ones sale price of $1500-$1999.99 | EW3YNDD1999

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This is a 3 year Extended Warranty with no deductable for a Desktop or All-In-One with a purchase price of $1500-$1999.99

At Protect Options, we know that accidents happen during normal usage and that regular use can cause wear and tear on your devices. Our customers are important to us, and we want to provide the best support possible to their purchased products. That's why we created a set of Terms and Conditions that goes above and beyond the industry standard. The Protect Options Warranty allows you to worry about living your life, while we worry about everyday accidents and wear and tear. No fees, no gimmicks. Just simple Terms and Conditions.

Sound too good to be true? The Protect Options Warranty even protects against accidental drops, spills, and electrical surges, types of accidental damage that standard Terms and Conditions don't cover. With your Protect Options Warranty, you're covered against normal everyday use such as mechanical failures, hard drive crash, loose charging ports, RAM failures and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered under my warranty plan?

Typically, accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions or handling, including electrical surges and damage to the integrated LCD screen.

Everyday Product Coverage Everyday Product Coverage Details
All Mechanical or Electrical Failures Product won't start, or simply 'won't work?' We have you covered.
Display Failure Display failure or flaws? Covered!
Antenna / Wi-Fi Failure Product won't connect to Wi-Fi? We have you covered.
Broken Dock Connector Port Jiggling your power cord or holding it just to get a little charge? Covered!
Touchscreen Failure Touchscreen not functioning or responding to your touch? Covered!
Won't Power On Product won't start. We have you covered!
Hard Drive Crash Hard drive crash or will not "boot" up? No worries, it's covered!
Wi-Fi Board Failure Your device won't connect to Wi-Fi? We've got you covered.
Loose Charging Port Jiggling your power cord or holding it just to get a little charge? Covered.
RAM Failures or Errors RAM Failure or errors causing blue/black screens to appear? Covered.
LCD Burn Out If the computer screen fading? Covered.
Speaker / Sound Failures If the computer screen fading? Covered.Speaker not functioning? Low audio or no audio? Covered.
DVD/DVDR/CDR Failures DVD/CDR not functioning? Covered.
Keyboard/Mouse or Glide pad/TrackPoint Failure Input device like keyboard or mouse not functional? Covered!
External ports (Audio Out, USB, etc.) Other ports not working? Yep, covered.

How do I register my coverage?

If you purchase your warranty with your product, you are already registered! No extra work or hoops to jump through. Please look out for your confirmation email, and please contact us if you have not received it within 48 hours of purchasing your unit.

What happens if my Protect Options product breaks and is covered by the warranty?

Depending on your product and the failure circumstances, we will either repair your product or provide you with a replacement product of equal or better features and functionality.

My product broke, what do I do now?

You can fill out a Claims Form online and a Customer Service Representative will contact you, or contact a Customer Service Representative and they will help you submit a claim and get the product shipped.

Who pays for shipping?

The customer is responsible for shipping the product to the repair facility. Should the product be repaired, Protect Options will cover any costs of shipping the product back.

How can I find my serial number?

Visit the Locating Your Product Serial Number page for instructions on locating the serial number of your product.


Product Model:
Desktop & All-In-One, sale price of $1500-$1999.99


This is an Extended Warranty for your Acer Recertified product.

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