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Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers | AH101-D8EY

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Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers | AH101-D8EY
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers | AH101-D8EY
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers | AH101-D8EY
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers | AH101-D8EY
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The possibilities are endless! The experience is unmatched! Acer's MR headset lets you blend physical and virtual worlds to take your computing experience to a remarkable level where the senses are stimulated and the experience is riveting.
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Customer Reviews

5 reviews

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    Great headset for a great price

    I had the opportunity to get this on sale when it hit $135 and I have to admit that was an absolute steal. I have a rift and wanted to get another headset so I could play with my family in VR. This headset was the right choice. Really easy to set up because there are no sensors. The only gripe I have is with the controllers. They're bluetooth and have to be paired up. If you don't have a good bluetooth adapter it may hamper your time. I wish it connected how the rift does it where it just was all integrated. The controllers also seem a little cheap feeling and I feel like they may break if it hit something (which is a complete possibility if you've never done VR before). The other thing to watch out for with the controllers is that the headset won't see them if they leave a certain range like behind you or to the sides far enough. So it won't work perfect for games that would have you having your hands in those spots. Other than that, if you see this headset on sale totally jump on it.

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    great value

    Amazing VR headset for the money. I wanted a Vive but didn't want to pay $500 for it. I didn't dream this Acer would be as good as it is! I am having a blast enjoying VR.

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    Good product - terrible installation experience

    Acer's headset is surprisingly good for the price. There's an occasional tracking issue that can be solved by just putting the controllers as close to the front cameras as possible. But, otherwise, it handles most games with minimal frame skipping. The Windows Mixed Reality installation experience was terrible, though. Lots of update/restart loops that eventually led to me having to some startup repair work from Windows Recovery mode. The steps to install desperately need to be looked at from the Windows MR team since it'll just sit there loading for hours without looking like the install is making any progress. Here's a few threads that explain the experience better than I can: - - and the Windows help page itself: As you can see from the frustrating troubleshooting steps, despite being available for almost a year now, the Windows MR installation experience needs more work - which hinders the "unboxing experience" of this headset.

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    Controllers spazzed out

    I was trying to play beatsaber and my controllers kept spazzing out and flying away from me. Need to return it. Other than that it's nice and fits well just didn't work for beatsaber with me so I need to return it.

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    Great deal!

    I bought this headset for $149 on sale and it is a spectacular deal at that price. I've been wanting to try VR but haven't been willing to pay $400+ to see if I like it or not. This headset has great picture quality, is very comfortable. It is super easy to set up and the controller tracking is great. I was unable to tell that my unit was factory recertified. Everything came in the box minus a set of AA batteries for the controller.

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