5 Reasons Why Buying Recertified Electronics Tops Buying New

5 Reasons Why Buying Recertified Electronics Tops Buying New

5 Reasons Why Buying Recertified Tops Buying New

People only want the latest and greatest technology. The tech world is beginning to see a change to refurbished products or rather products that have been recertified, returned or recycled. With the trend on the rise, we also see a rise in questions, especially, is buying recertified really better than buying new? Our answer is 100% yes, and here’s why:

1. Recertified electronics fit every budget.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do; everyone has a budget. Prices for new electronics, like monitors and chromebooks, can be very high due to high demand. Refurbished electronics tend to come at a lower price- sometimes up to 70% lower! With a wide variety of savings, there’s no doubt refurbished products will save you money.

2. Save a computer, save the planet.

With more people buying “green” or eco-friendly products, people are focused on things that are good for the environment. However most people don’t think about electronics. With refurbished electronics, companies such as recycle older technology such as desktops, displays and screens to new standards. Simply put, buying refurbished is good for your wallet AND the environment.

3. Recertified electronics spend quality one-on-one time with a technician ensuring high-quality reliable performance.

Rather than being made on an assembly line, each refurbished electronic goes through a process including testing by a technician… a human technician! Each technician carefully looks at each electronic to make sure that not only the machine works but the software does too. It is then cleaned and repacked and sent to the customer. No gimmicks, no room for error.

4. New to you, new warranty.

Just like buying a new electronic, refurbished electronics also come with warranties which often times are better than if it was new. With a refurbished electronic, things like parts are covered, as well as consumer damage- like if someone drops it. To read’s policy, click here.

5. They’re not always someone’s previous property.

Just because it says refurbished, doesn't mean it’s not “new”! Refurbished products are sometimes products that people sent back and because of that are brand new machines… just with an open box. If your budget is higher, but not as high as new, always check out new open box deals… they’re really the secret of the internet.

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