Gaming Computers vs. Normal Computers… What is the difference?

Gaming Computers vs. Normal Computers… What is the difference?

If you’ve ever been on a tech company’s website, you’ve probably seen some hype about gaming computers and all their super cool benefits. But computer specifications can get pretty confusing. So what is the difference between a gaming computer and an everyday computer? Let’s take a look at all the cool features gaming computers offer.

Gaming computers come with better, higher end graphics cards or GPU.

Gaming computers always come with a higher end graphics card. Why? Because computer games are all graphics, something that the everyday person doesn’t normally see! Computer games are mostly simulation based animations, so with a higher graphics card the gaming computer really out delivers performance wise over the average, everyday PC. The graphics on gaming computers display effortlessly on monitors all thanks to the high end graphics card.

Gaming computer usually have higher end audio.

Although it’s an optional add on, gaming computers normally have better audio. Computer games aim to transport the player into a virtual world of quest and adventures so not only is it important for the graphics to be top notch, but the sound too… all making a flawless and virtually seamless experience.

Gaming computers optionally have more RAM and better processors.

Everyday computers are built for simple tasks such as surfing the internet and imputing data into excel sheets. While you don’t need a killer processor and RAM for sharing that puppy video on Facebook or saving some tweets, you would need it in a gaming computer to “keep up”, per say, with the game and take advantage of the higher memory. This way with a gaming computer the user feels less frustration with the proper tools.

Gaming PC’s aren’t for everyone. But if you’re on the fence of if you should get one or not, try a recertified one first! It’ll save you money, all while giving you a virtually new experience. Not sure what recertified means? Check out our previous articles here and here.

Apr 28th 2017

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