The REAL Meaning behind"Refurbished"

The REAL Meaning behind"Refurbished"

Refurbished electronics often tend to get a bad reputation. People normally associate the word “refurbished” with “used” or “old” and that’s not the case! Refurbished electronics, although often older design models (but not always! Check out our New Open Box deals), see personalized attention from technicians to bring them up to date and ensure functionality. But what even is refurbished? Let’s break it down.

By definition, refurbished means to “renovate and redecorate” with synonyms of "recondition, revamp, redevelop, rebuild and reconstruct". With electronics, that’s exactly what happens.

When in the case of electronics, the goal is just that: companies such as Acer Recertified take in models and revamp, rebuild and reconstruct them. Every item is refurbished to top standards with you, the customer in mind. Every monitor is searched for dead pixels, every all-in-one is checked for a proper keyboard, mouse and hard drive performance.

But what’s the secret meaning behind refurbished? Refurbished items save you money… like a lot of money. Refurbished electronics fit in a wide price range and can be flexible for anyone’s budget. The best part? By seeing green you’re saving green… the GREEN Earth that is! Refurbished electronics are cycled back into the market rather than ending up in landfills and polluting the Earth.

So next time you go to purchase an electronic like a desktop or tablet and think about buying refurbished remember that you’re not buying used, you’re buying a newly renovated, personally tested product that saved you money and saves the environment.

What more could you ask for?

Apr 21st 2017 NP

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