Why Are Refurbished Laptops Good Investments?

Why Are Refurbished Laptops Good Investments?

You've heard about refurbished laptops and Chromebooks and possibly dismissed the idea. After all, doesn't refurbished just mean "used?" What if you get a refurbished laptop and it breaks down or doesn't last as long as a new one or offers new, upgraded features? Are refurbished laptops good?

Let's bust some myths about refurbished tech and put your mind and wallet at ease! Read on for answers to the questions you have about whether it is safe to buy refurbished laptops and answer the question, “What is the best refurbished laptop to buy?”.

What Does "Refurbished Laptop" Mean?

"Refurbished" doesn't always mean "used." In fact, it can mean the complete opposite. If you're wondering, “is it safe to buy refurbished laptops?” the answer is “yes.”

The best refurbished laptops may never have been used at all! How is this possible, you ask? How are refurbished laptops good if they are supposed to be used?

Some of the best refurbished laptops haven't been used at all. Once a desktop computer, Chromebook, or laptop has been taken out of the box, it can't be sold as brand-new again, even if it was never opened!

So what does "refurbished laptop" mean? It can mean anything from a computer formerly on display at a retail outlet to a laptop a buyer purchased then returned without ever even turning it on. Of course, some refurbished laptops have had prior owners.

If you're asking "are refurbished laptops good if a business or personal owner has used them?" the answer is still "yes."

Once they go through the process of being cleaned, repaired, upgraded, and updated, they're as good to go as the best refurbished laptops that weren't used at all!

Are Refurbished Laptops Good?

If you still have questions about whether it is safe to buy refurbished laptops, here's a glimpse inside what happens when a computer is refurbished.

  • Returned computers are inspected thoroughly according to Acer-Recertified's highest standards. They're cleaned, sanitized, and restored to factory settings.
  • Batteries are replaced so your battery power won't be compromised - it will be just like the battery longevity of a new machine.
  • The operating system is upgraded to the newest OS, and apps are updated.
  • You'll find that all worn-out or broken parts are replaced with brand-new ones - although, if you're on a super-tight budget and don't mind a few dings, Acer offers Scratch and Dent models that may have cosmetic damage but go through the same stringent refurbishment process all models do.

How to Choose What Is the Best Refurbished Laptop to Buy

Now that you know why refurbished laptops are good, how do you know what is the best refurbished laptop to buy? The best refurbished laptops or desktop computers have these things in common:

  • A money-back guarantee or warranty should there be any issues.
  • Pre-installed OS. Choosing a laptop with an operating system that is already installed is your best bet, and Acer-Recertified laptops all come with the operating system already ready to go!
  • Ensure you pick a model with the memory and applications you need, whether it's for personal use or business.
  • Set a budget and stay within it to ease your stress of buying an Acer-Recertified laptop.

Choosing Acer-Recertified Laptops

As you can see, refurbished laptops are good investments. It offers you the same benefits as a brand-new laptop or Chromebook at a fraction of the price. What are you waiting for? Contact Acer today to bring home your next refurbished computer while you keep precious dollars in your wallet! 

Mar 1st 2021 Staff

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