Why Buy a Recertified Gaming Device?

Why Buy a Recertified Gaming Device?

Being a gamer, the features and quality of your gaming computer and gaming computer monitor can greatly impact your gameplay experience.

A used gaming laptop could fit into your budget. Buying a refurbished Acer Recertified gaming laptop can save a lot of money. An Acer Recertified gaming laptop can give you an immersive gaming experience. It can also give you an edge over your competitors. Thanks to its advanced features and refurbished technology, this takes your game to the next level. Experience not just playing the game but feeling like you are in the game.

Why is buying a refurbished gaming device a better option?

Have you been asking the question: are buying refurbished gaming computers worth it? In just the space of two years, most gaming pc/laptops have at least doubled in price. Without giving you the equivalent in improved specs.

Buying a new gaming pc in 2023 will be challenging. Inflation, rising production costs, and supply chain issues are all factors to consider.

  • The parts themselves for computers and laptops are still high. This is not so much because of a lack of inventory but more due to high demands from other tech industries.
  • The chip shortage is still having an effect. Taxes, shipping fees, and production costs are increasing. As a result, new computers and laptops will not be more affordable for some time.

How long does a gaming PC last? Without repair or upgrading of parts, it can last for at least seven years. Through our recertification process, we upgrade and replace parts so you can expect your refurbished gaming device to last even longer.

What Are Gaming Monitors?

A gaming computer monitor is different from a regular one. What makes it unique? Why is an Acer Recertified gaming laptop a necessity for pro gamers and hobbyists? Here are a few things that set gaming computer monitors apart from traditional computer monitors.

  • A slow refresh rate on a gaming computer monitor can lead to glitching, slow down, and choppy graphics. This can be avoided by using an Acer Recertified gaming laptop or monitor. A good gaming computer monitor or used gaming laptop has higher refresh rates to ensure the smoothest gameplay.
  • An Acer Recertified gaming computer monitor often has truer colors and a higher pixel count than regular computer monitors. Acer Recertified monitors are ideal for gaming. They provide the sharpest display for colors and images. This makes for an immersive experience.
  • A thin display takes gaming to another level. Gaming computer monitors have a super-thin screens, unlike bulky computer monitors or thick desktops. This creates a unique, immersive experience without any distractions or unrealistic visuals. You'll practically be a part of the game!

See our highest refresh options with our top brands: Acer Predator XB1, Acer Predator XB3, Acer Predator X25, Acer Predator XZ2, Acer Nitro VG0, Acer Nitro VG1, Acer Nitro XF3, Acer Nitro XV1, Acer Nitro XV2, Acer Nitro QG1, Acer Nitro XZ0, AOPEN,  X28.

What are Gaming Computers?

  • Gaming computers come with better, higher-end graphics cards or GPUs. Gaming computers always come with a higher-end graphics card.
  • Why? Computer games are made up of graphics that most people don't usually see. They are mostly simulation-based animations. A gaming computer with a high-end graphics card will outperform a typical PC. The graphics on gaming computers display effortlessly on monitors all thanks to the high-end graphics card.
  • Gaming computers usually have higher-end audio. Although it’s an optional add-on, gaming computers normally have better audio.
  • Computer games strive to create a virtual world of quests and adventures. For this to be successful, it is essential that the graphics and sound are of the highest quality. This creates a flawless and virtually seamless experience.
  • Gaming computers optionally have more (random access memory) RAM and better computer processors. You need a killer processor and RAM to keep up with the game. This way the user feels less frustrated with the proper tools.

What to compare specs? We have these brands and more Predator Orion, Predator PO3, Predator PO5, Predator 3000, Acer Nitro 50,

How to Choose a Used Gaming Laptop

Acer Recertified gaming laptops are pre-used and open-box laptops. They have been carefully cleaned, repaired, and restored to their original condition. This process meets specific recertified standards.

Our desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks all have a guarantee and warranty. Let's discover what factors to consider when buying an Acer Recertified gaming laptop or monitor. Consider the size, mobility, and power of the laptop. Additionally, think about the refresh rate, resolution, and size of the monitor.

  • Screen size - How big do you want it? What's your budget for an Acer Recertified gaming laptop or computer monitor? Our used gaming laptops range from 15-inch to 19-inch displays.
  • Computer memory is everything when you're a gamer because games take up so much space. When shopping for a used gaming laptop, consider how much memory you need, such as 1 TB or 2 TB.
  • The screen resolution of the gaming computer monitor is important. A higher pixel count means more realistic and crisp graphics. Acer Recertified monitors offer several options for screen resolution.
  • Speed and gaming are closely connected. That is why refresh rate and processor collaborate to guarantee a continuous, fluid, and error-free gaming experience. Let us help you choose the right Acer Recertified gaming laptop with the speeds you need to game without limits.

Get the fastest computer processors with our brands Acer Nitro 5, Acer Predator, Acer Predator Triton, Acer Predator Helios, Acer Predator 300. 

Buying an Acer Recertified Device

We have all the refurbished tech you need at the prices you can afford. This includes Acer Recertified monitorsChromebooks, gaming desktops, and gaming laptops. Looking for a standard laptop such as Acer Swift, Acer Spin, Acer Aspire, or Acer TravelMate? We have sales happening now.  

Investing in a recertified or refurbished gaming device is an affordable way to play your games. It won't break the bank.

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