Your Guide to Acer Gaming Laptops

Your Guide to Acer Gaming Laptops

When you're a gamer, your gaming computer and gaming computer monitor's features and quality can make a vast difference in your gameplay experience.

An Acer gaming laptop can not only ensure an immersive gaming experience that's more fun and pleasurable. Still, it can help you get the edge on your competitors with state-of-the-art features and technology that put you inside your favorite games.

Here's a look at why a used gaming laptop could be within your budget when you put together a gaming setup with an Acer monitor and save big bucks on a high-dollar refurbished Acer gaming laptop.

What Are Gaming Computer Monitors?

How is a gaming computer monitor different from a regular one, and why is an Acer gaming laptop a necessity if you're a pro gamer or even a hobbyist? Here are a few things that set gaming computer monitors apart from traditional computer monitors.

  • Super-high refresh rate - When you're using a gaming computer monitor with a slow refresh rate instead of an Acer gaming laptop or Acer monitor, you may see glitching, experience slowdown, or see choppy graphics that stop and start. A good gaming computer monitor or used gaming laptop increases the refresh rate to ensure the smoothest gameplay.
  • An Acer gaming laptop that features a gaming computer monitor often has truer colors and a higher pixel count than regular computer monitors. This is because an Acer monitor meant for gaming offers the sharpest display for colors and images that pop, creating a truly immersive experience.
  • A thin display takes gaming to another level. Instead of oversized, clunky computer monitors or oversized, thick desktops, a gaming computer monitor has a super-thin screen that creates a unique experience that's not distracting or unrealistic. You'll practically be a part of the game!

How to Choose a Used Gaming Laptop

Acer gaming laptops are used gaming laptops or open-box laptops that have been cleaned, repaired, restored, and reconditioned to factory-specific recertified standards. Our desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks all come with a guarantee and warranty. Knowing that, let's discover what factors to keep in mind when you're looking to buy an Acer gaming laptop or Acer monitor.

  • Screen size - How big do you want it? What's your budget for an Acer gaming laptop or computer monitor? Our used gaming laptops range from 15-inch to 19-inch displays.
  • Memory is everything when you're a gamer because games take up so much space. When shopping for a used gaming laptop, consider how much memory you need, such as 1 TB or 2 TB.
  • The screen resolution of the gaming computer monitor is important. A higher pixel count means more realistic and crisp graphics. Acer monitors offer several options for screen resolution.
  • Speed and gaming go hand-in-hand, which is why the refresh rate and the processor work together to ensure seamless, smooth, and glitch-free gameplay. Let us help you choose the right Acer gaming laptop with the speeds you need to game without limits.

Buying an Acer Monitor

Whether you're looking for an Acer monitor, refurbished Chromebooks, gaming desktops, or Acer gaming laptops, we have all the refurbished tech you need at the prices you can afford. Build the gaming setup of your dreams with our help. Don't miss another round. Get in on the action by contacting Acer Recertified today and get in the game!

Mar 22nd 2021 Staff

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