Your Guide to Acer Refurbished Computer Monitors

Your Guide to Acer Refurbished Computer Monitors

When you only need certain components of a system, such as a computer monitor, and you don't have a big budget, you're likely looking at used computer monitors. When you think of used computer monitors, the image you have in your mind may be a monitor that is old or broken. However, refurbished computer monitors are a great way to upgrade your existing computer monitor without breaking the bank.

Refurbished computer monitors have been cleaned, repaired, and restored to like-new condition based on Acer's stringent quality guidelines, so you know an Acer monitor is a smart purchase. Here's more about refurbished computer monitors.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Computer Monitor

Why should you get a new computer monitor? And what's the reason for spending a bit more and buying a refurbished computer monitor over just a used computer monitor? Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of refurbished computer monitors.

  • Your existing computer monitor is old and worn-out. When you buy a refurbished computer monitor, you can purchase an Acer monitor that is a newer model and an upgrade from your used computer monitor. It may have a higher pixel count for crisp images, a larger screen size, and brighter, truer colors.
  • Perhaps your used computer monitor is too small for your needs, especially if you seek a gaming computer monitor. You can easily upgrade from a 13-inch or 15-inch computer monitor to a bigger 17-inch computer monitor and see a big difference in how you can view games, movies, or other content. You can even upgrade to a 27-inch computer monitor for immersive gaming or viewing experience.
  • If you can't afford to upgrade your whole laptop or desktop computer setup, replacing your used computer monitor with a refurbished computer monitor or an affordable open-box monitor can significantly improve your experience with a small amount of cash. A new computer monitor can refresh your work, gaming, or personal computing without reaching deeper into your wallet if you're on a budget but seeking a tech facelift.

What Are Gaming Computer Monitors?

You've probably heard about gaming computer monitors but wondered how they're different from a traditional refurbished computer monitor. An Acer monitor that is meant to enhance the desktop computer gaming experience comes with specific features that will amplify your time spent gaming. A few of these include:

  • AMD Radeon FreeSync - This feature means your computer monitor has a high refresh rate, which eliminates choppy graphics and ensures smooth gameplay without any skips or hitches. It's seamless and creates lifelike images.
  • Thin profile - Imagine a gaming computer monitor with such a thin screen it feels like you're actually in the game!
  • Superb, true images - A high pixel count and HDR display mean you will be amazed by the realistic viewing experience with updating gaming computer monitors. These refurbished computer monitors provide such a lifelike and true, immersive experience you'll never go back to a used computer monitor.

Choosing a Refurbished Computer Monitor

Have questions about choosing the right refurbished computer monitor? We have answers, and our Acer monitors are just the right price point for your needs. Contact Acer Recertified to get the features you want without paying the high costs when choosing a refurbished computer monitor to give your online, work, or gaming experience a monitor makeover.

Mar 8th 2021 Staff

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