What's Covered

Typically, accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions or handling, including electrical surges and damage to the integrated LCD screen.

Everyday Product Coverage Everyday Product Coverage Details
All Mechanical or Electrical Failures Product won’t start, or simply “won’t work?” We have you covered.
Accidental Damage Drops and Spills? Covered.
Display Failure Display failure or flaws? Covered!
Antenna / Wi-Fi Failure Product won’t connect to Wi-Fi? We have you covered.
Broken Dock Connector Port Jiggling your power cord or holding it just to get a little charge? Covered!
Touchscreen Failure Touchscreen not functioning or responding to your touch? Covered!
Won’t Power On Product won’t start. We have you covered!
Hard Drive Crash Hard drive crash or will not "boot" up? No worries, it’s covered!
Wi-Fi Board Failure Your device won’t connect to Wi-Fi? We’ve got you covered.
Loose Charging Port Jiggling your power cord or holding it just to get a little charge? Covered.
RAM Failures or Errors RAM Failure or errors causing blue/black screens to appear? Covered.
LCD Burn Out If the computer screen fading? Covered.
Speaker / Sound Failures If the computer screen fading? Covered.Speaker not functioning? Low audio or no audio? Covered.
DVD/DVDR/CDR Failures DVD/CDR not functioning? Covered.
Keyboard/Mouse or Glide pad/TrackPoint Failure Input device like keyboard or mouse not functional? Covered!
External ports (Audio Out, USB, etc.) Other ports not working? Yep, covered.

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